Dramatic Moment

These are the lyrics to the song “Fiddler on the Green” by the band Demons and Wizards. Corny name, aye. But truthfully, it makes perfect sense for them to be named that. The reason why I won’t go into here, as that’s not the point. Anyway, here goes:

Sad voices they’re calling
Our precious girl she can’t be gone
How bitter this morning
When daddy’s darling
Went out and started her day

Wasn’t there a dream last night
Like a spring never ending
Still the water runs clear
Through my mind
On the field I can see a fiddler
The fiddler on the green and the sad boy
I took him too early
Would you mind?
Would you mind?
Would you mind?
If I take you

To be with you (repeat x4)

The sun seemed bright
The air was clear
The air was clear
A trick of light
Turned red into green
She saw the light
Her face was pale
Her body smashed
Her beauty’s gone
Isn’t a shame
The reaper said
He is quite alone here
And still waiting for you
Oh I really did fail for the first time
Spoke the fiddler, poor old fiddler
The fiddler on the green
The fiddler on the green
It would be nice…

Take my hand

Just hold my hand
I’ll take you there
Your pain will go away

In all truth, the speaker here is Death. It says so. The interesting part is that he is speaking to a member of his club, or namely, a dead person. He is speaking to a young girl about a young boy. Here’s the interesting part: though this is indeed a fanciful song, it is wrapped around a rather peculiar story. Apparently, the song writer (Hansi Kursch) witnessed an automobile accident involving the fatality of a young boy. Some twenty years later, he witnessed another accident in the same intersection that involved a young woman at a cross-walk. It apparently sent him to thinking that earlier, with the boy, Death had made a mistake and took the young boy before he was supposed to. Because of this, instead of an afterlife of peace, the boy was experiencing one of loneliness for he was supposed to find his love, the young girl and be with her in the afterlife. So Death attempts to rectify the mistake and kills the girl in the same place. Giving her the choice between a painful life of disfiguration or a senseless existence in the beyond with someone she’s never met, Death solves his only failure.


~ by metathesis on February 22, 2007.

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